Monday, 30 January 2012

First day of the holidays

Carless and housebound so a good time to do some decluttering and spring cleaning. Smudge doesent like all the attention away from her.First of all I moved a chest from my large spare room to the small room then I emptied everything on the bed. I moved the desk top puter to my desk. I hope to get rid of the dressing table and get a more practical cupboard for all my crafts. Thinking the dressing table may suit Lucy if Leanne feels it will fit in as it is very girlie.meanwhile downstairs J removes the wallpaper from the dining area as opting for a green paint, a dark olive on one wall which the dresser is on and the wheatgrass to match the living area opposite. Time out for bolognaise and after some grocery shopping and maybe a visit to homebase for green paint. leanne and jeffrey are probably on their helicopter flight about now somewhere between Vegas and the Grand Canyon

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