Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Second day of the holidays

I went to bed last night around 2230hrs which is very unusual for me but had an achey back which was much helped by my chiropractor this morning. I was up early so back in good time for Smudge's walk. It was cold though and she wasn't too keen
"she can't get me in here"    

The only way she would come out was when she realised J was going to walk too!!! I continued with relaxing with Smudge on my knee and catching up on emails. I put the breadmaker on for some dough to make pizza later. I am getting great use out of that wonderful gift from my Brother and SIL. Thinking of them just noticed an email saying they had a great helicopter ride from Vegas to Grand Canyon and champagne breakfast at the Colorado river. Don't they look so well, a luxurious Winter break away without the kids.

Anyway J got busy and finished painting the dining area as the wallpaper came off very smoothly last night.I can highly recommend Laura Ashley for its 20yr durability and easy removal.
My car is back without a scratch in site, took a little longer than expected due to the drying process. in 6 weeks I will get my new little ka and back goes the honda jazz.Down sizing now i dont have tiny kids to pop in and out the back as they can now all put on their own seatbelts.Now for a quiet evening in and must get back to my patchwork as J is moaning about it sitting since September and he wants it finished and on the wall!!!I have months of applique left then piecing it together then quilting............

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