Wednesday, 1 February 2012

3rd day of the holiday

Very little done regarding the applique so need to get to it later. Started the day with getting my spiritual side in check.Chapter 16 of John at Scrabo.It was a cold morning but plenty of chat.The reassurance that despite the horrors in the world we live in today God's spirit is with us guiding us.
I have decided to give up on CURVES for a while as shoulder niggling and some lower back irritation so back to my wii fitness plus where i set some goals and started my first yoga. I havent had it on for about 6mths and really enjoyed it. Difficult at first doing the floor exercises as Smudge kept trying to kiss me,well not so much trying as succeeding.After lunch which consisted of my home made squash and chilli thai soup I played some tennis on the wii. Country casserole  to be made for tea and some nougat tarts to bake...yum.

Now will I go to the rollerskating or not!!!! They still fit but havent been in use for over 25yrs and I am more than a little wobbly on!!!!

Welll.. i went and I still can't believe it. I doubt the instructor was even born last time I was on skates. A bit stiff and slow to begin but by the end although very little technique I felt fairly competent and looking forward to skatercise next week again

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