Sunday, 5 February 2012

7th day of the holidays

A day of rest after a busy week, holidays arent always restful but was enjoyable and a slow pace. Time to get prepared for lesson 2 of Genesis part 2 for wed which also overlapped nicely with the church service this morning. So many people have complained directly to me recently on how hard life is and how they have been dealt so many more trials than others. when we look at Genesis we can see where it all stems from but how wonderful to explore God's word further to discover God loves us so much there is always a plan B. We don't see the bigger picture but if we believe we are assured that one day all our troubles and trials will be over and we will receive our treasure in heaven.

Today was a great day to share dinner with friends and catch up on each others busy lives and chat about future plans. The holiday is over and tomorrow is another day of things to achieve, explore and complete.

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