Thursday, 16 February 2012

Half Term

Helen's Bay
Half term for some is time for a break. I rarely take a break but with regular things such as Bible study and art class taking time out I got a chance to catch up on other things. The day after our family Sunday unfortunately J's father was ill and is still in hospital. My priority was visiting friends who were ill and unfortunately I didnt get to see everyone. Is it because age is creeping on or is there generally much more illness??It was lovely for Smudge and I to have a good walk this morning with Julie and Minnie. It was really quite mild and Smudge enjoyed a good race around the beach at the end. It made up for me not going to skatercise last night. I have managed to keep up with my wiifitness plus at least 4 times a week and not missing CURVES so far. My craft priority this week is to keep going with the applique on the remaining quilt blocks for my tiny town quilt. My craft storage furniture is almost filled and need just a couple more drawers, I think, so next time i am in Holywood will pop into Ikea again.
top part
lower part

There is a lot more light in this room as south facing so will probably spend much more time in it for crafting apart from coffee and craft of course when I have other folk joining me. I have been teaching Sarah to sew and she is doing really well and started the first few squares for her patchwork cushion last week.
exhausted after beach walk

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