Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our Daily Bread

Peasant bread
Today, the Sabbath, treated very differently by many people of all faiths. In the Bible we are told to keep this day for rest but with the world as we have it now this is impossible for many whose employers don't respect this day or they have a job that is essential every day of the year. However when God rested after the creation of the world he set an example that we also need a day of rest, time out and time to focus on him and we may need to choose another day if necessary.

 Last night on skype we looked at forgiveness and pain from our past. We learned the necessity in forgiving others just as Joseph did ,even when it meant such pain and before that person would ask for forgiveness. We can not be  forgiven ourselves if we do not forgive others. The Lord's prayer also reminds us of this. Today we were looking at  the beginning of Luke ch 3 where John the Baptist is preparing the way for the Lord. This very simple man was given the message from God. In this world today we are made to believe we need to be wealthier, own more and be famous and yet even this week we see this does not bring happiness and many famous people take a path that leads to destruction and death.The Bible tells us clearly it is not how we look or what we have that is important but our relationship with God that gives us real joy. Nothing else in this world can give this joy we just have to look at all those people who have achieved their goals but are so broken.

How reassuring it is to start the new week knowing whatever is ahead God has already made provision for us if only we ask. The bread machine I received from my brother and sister in law is still getting good use. The peasant bread I made yesterday made an ideal lunch today

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