Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quick Family Visit

Smudge and Nanny B
Smudge ready to go again

I don't get up to Portadown and Kilmore enough so despite being plagued with a migraine off to mums for lunch. Smudge loves going visiting and especially when she is going to see her granny. Then it was off to see the rest of the Browne's. Lucy had been ill so we had a lazy time together. She was very pleased with her new horsey body warmer my other niece Lydia sent with me for her. She told me all about the ponies she rides and the books she had been reading, Jacqueline Wilson is becoming a favourite. She has fairly moved on from Dr Seus
watching football
Smudge wants some attention
Headache didnt start to lift til after 2100hrs. Time for crochet..thanks to Marja for the link to Lucy's attic and her pattern for the ripple blanket. She did say the first row for a newbie crochet is very difficult and I can certainly agree with that but I didnt give up and the second row was so quick. It also hid most of the errors of the first row and I am not looking forward to adding more colours.

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