Thursday, 1 March 2012

Art at last and an evening with friends

the project for the day
It's been 3 weeks since I had an art class. I couldnt wait to get back but was a bit anxious as well. It always takes me a while when i start drawing erasing a few times before I am happy.Just two of us this morning not the usual chatty group of Thursday girls..missed all those who were ill.

watercolour pencil

I was a bit frightened about adding the water and losing the mix of colour I had found with the pencils but Julie was very reassuring as usual. The morning flew by as it usually does but realised I really can't afford to miss many classes as i feel out of touch.

starting to add water

 Just one final photo of the final picture with the items we drew and coloured.

Kim in action
Now time to get organised for my ladies coming and the Pampered Chef .
 Kim was our chef for the evening, oops picture a bit blurred. The house was full and everyone seemed to have someone to chat to whilst enjoying the food.No drawing or painting this time just tasting.

three of the guests who weren't too camera shy
Lucy my little helper

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