Thursday, 8 March 2012

Art + Craft

Up to date with cards for this month anyway but more to make for April but not today as art class this morning. I was tired after a very late night or rather early morning at work but always a fun morning with the Thursday girls. it was great to havethe usual faces back together again. For half of us it was crockery and cutlery using charcoal at first and then moving onto chalks.

I have always loved messy craft so quite enjoyed the background and just as well i was wearing black sleeves this morning as tend to get as much on me as on the paper.

I have always enjoyed working with charcoal right back from my first ever piece of a mushroom. however if not preserved the charcoal wears off but as soon as it is laminated it never looks the same anyway.

 I really enjoyed the charcoal and wasn't so keen to move onto another but Julie knows what's best and I did gain more by moving onto the chalks.


The more time spent the better my chalk work appeared and always looks better from a distance.

Chalk above and charcoal below

Back at home it was time to finish my last quilt block for tiny town and maybe later I will get to piece the nine blocks together.
nineth and last quilt block for Tiny Town quilt

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