Thursday, 15 March 2012

Art in the City

Our art class today was in the City Hall with permission. We were in the rotunda where there were a choice of busts and statues to draw. Julie gave a demonstration first. I chose the black man as I like to draw fabric.

I get fidgety doing anything for a length of time but really enjoyed this and could have spent the day there. As we sat we heard the tour guides with their visitors pass by. Maybe I will do a tour some day.

To the right is the beginning of my drawing and below a bit further along.

  A few of our Thursday girls chose other items to draw, both Deirdre and Danielle.

Geraldine + Danielle

We also had Geraldine from the wednesday class.
Julie's own
Then it was time for lunch so thought I would treat myself at the Avoca followed by a starbucks and a browse in Cath Kidston where I bought some vinyl fabric to make myself a bag. I really enjoyed the Spanish meatballs, chorizo and butterbean casserole served with cous cous and olive grilled bread.

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