Thursday, 22 March 2012

Being Busy but having fun

Smudge and Minnie start the week off

This week has been a busy week for me but not regarding work just been out and about more than normal and meeting up with friends as well as craft, craft and more craft.
Minnie sporting her new hairdo!!

The week started with a 2hr walk from Crawfordsburn Country Park around the coast. It was such a beautiful morning and as usual many dog walkers were out much to Smudge's disgust. She was happier offf track ,through long grass and on the beach.

J bought me some flowers as we hadnt had any for a while had been so busy hadnt really thought about flowers indoors. However the chilli pepper seeds are planted as well as the pots tidied outside awaiting the purchase of their new blooms.

One of my random evening coffee and craft events went well. Clare, Donna and Liz were card making, I was quilting and a little crichet, Sian was making doorstops and Michaela and Nuala were making up dainty box kits for a child's Easter project at school. We were all so industrious I forgot to take photographs!!!

 Our art location this week was back at julie's and despite having agreed to an earlier start I completely forgot but soon caught up with the rest of the Thursday girls.

 I doubt Julie has any camelias left in her garden by the time she finished her classes this week!!!

I think I enjoyed painting the leaves more than the petals. If I had another few hours maybe i would have got them how i wanted them but needed to get back to Smudge.

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