Sunday, 4 March 2012

last day of March holidays

I thought Spring had sprung but it was rather bleak at Mountstewart today apart from some blooms mostly rhododendrons. Smudge and I did the woodland walk and the lake walk. the swans were chasing their cygnets around the lake. I thought it was time they had left their parents and looks as if they think so too. There was a sun shower but sheltering under the trees was adequate.We travelled on to Kircubbin to catch up with some friends just before there was a slight snow shower.

Smudge stayed in the care to have a nap after her walk and to stay out of Micha's way. Smudge can not cope with another dog trying to get my attention.

Lovely time to get caught up and chat about crafts.

1.12th scale mill made by David Finlay
 Kircubbin may only be a few miles away but in our busy lives sometimes it seems a world away.
Time to wake Smudge as I thought but she was admiring the local wildlife that had came to see what was going on.
neighbourly hens

Then to finish the evening listening to show music on Radio Wales especially from Beverley and of course there is always one of my favourites so far this evening from Mary Poppins-a spoonful of sugar and Oliver-Nancy singing as long as he needs me.

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