Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mad March

It really has been a busy but fun filled
March with lots going on in our home. Always great having the Cumming family and to have the weather to get out and about with them was such a bonus as they like the outdoors as much as us. After lunch on Sunday we headed out to killynether.
 Poppy and Will are more adventurous and prefer to be off the beaten track.

Todays art was still in watercolour but trying something we had to make 
up as we went along rather than a live study.  

Classes finish now for Easter but since Kathy is coming to stay we will attend one when she is here next week.

 I have lots planned for her short stay so she can meet online friends and get to know a little of life in N.Ireland before she goes south. My car contract is up and my new car isn't ready but have got this car for the next few weeks.

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