Saturday, 17 March 2012

Relax and Teach

Yesterday was tiring so I had an early night. I had worked in the morning, visited a friend who was off ill and then drove to portadown. I took Lucy to the library then my mum out for tea for Mother's Day. It took an age getting home as there had been a car accident just as the M1 became the westlink. Today I woke bright and breezy so we could have an early start at Mountstewart.

It looks like the cygnets have gone at last we could only see mum and dad this morning. Itwas such a bright morning compared to the last day we walked there that was so bleak.

We did the woodland walk and Smudge chased J amongst the trees. Lunch and then time for J to go to work and for me to have Sarah round for her sewing lesson. She is doing amazingly with the cushion cover- pinning and tacking,straight stitch ,forward and reverse and today she placed her zip.
Sarah's first attempt ever at sewing
Now it's time for me to get back to my quilt, hoping to have it tacked ready for quilting by the end of the day.

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