Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday morning

We didnt rise too early this morning as again I was working very late so not in bed to well after 0100hrs.It was worthwhile as fully alert for church. We are still looking at the book of Luke which I find particularly interesting because I am studying John in Precept so its good to see the similarities and indeed the extra descriptions from gospel to gospel.Starting at verse 14 we see how Jesus was teaching in the synagogue and revealing to them how the scriptures from Isaiah were being fulfilled. To a believer it seems incredible that these local people could not see who he was standing in front of them, even the miracles he performed still didnt help them see his divinity, they just saw him as Joseph's son and refused to see any further than this.It helps me understand how people today still can't see him for who he was because if those who were right there didnt believe. However it is only through studying his word, praying and seeing the answers to prayer we can see him for who he is and have a full relationship with him. If your a regular like us to Mountstewart you can see creation in its beauty as it changes from season to season again amazing how many people do not see God's hand at work.

A quick dinner-even though i was exhausted yesterday before work I am so glad I prepared todays meal so we can make the best use of our time. It was the book fair in Mountstewart and free entry so quite a crowd. The overflow car park was a bit muddy but fortunatley we didnt get stuck in it and my wellies came in handy. lots of dog walkers out today and although Smudge is timid off the lead on our usual walks on the lead she tried to intimidate other dogs!!

A few hours free to make a start on the Genesis study for Wednesday before its time for work which is already looking as busy as last night.

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