Friday, 9 March 2012

Time Out

 It was a perfect day for walking so Julie and I took the dogs for a 2hour walk around the coast. Minnie had a mad moment in the mud and Smudge had a doggy panic which nearly led to a mummy panic. When I lost site of her. She also had a wade in the sea when she tried to get away from a few dogs that were passing. I was just home in time for a friend who called, perfect timing for us to have lunch together. i so enjoy those little unplanned meetings and always nice to share a chat over food.

Then time for a yoga session before getting to my craft work as not so much time today as working this evening. Smudge exhausted from her morning so no need for another walk for her til late evening.

Quilt pieced together
Now to get working on the bortders for the quilt. It is more exciting at this point as I can see it coming together and looking forward to quilting.

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