Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wonderful Weather

We really have been enoying this milder weather and as the weather changes so does my appetite and the need for a change in menu. Last evening I did peking Duck and I had no idea how simple it was to make Chinese pancakes so definitely something we will be having again soon. I didnt make my own hoisin sauce though so maybe next time after a visit to the Chinese market.

 I am really concentrating on my quilt and have 30% of it quilted. It is much faster to do than I had expected and I like the templates I have but think I will be on the lookout for more at the next craft exhibition in April.

 This morning we walked along the coast from 
 Bangor to Crawfordsburn but spending a lot of time actually on the beach with Smudge.

This afternoon was time for Sarah's lesson, the last one to complete her cushion. It's incredible what she has achieved in a few weeks, for a 13yr old with no experience whatsoever. I can't wait til Lucy gets to this stage and maybe this Summer Anna will be ready to attempt something small when she comes to stay.

 Sarah started quilting a panel and now has to embroider around each of her letters at home to complete it and decide what she wants to do next, maybe some curtains for her room???

Meanwhile Smudge recovers from her morning at the beach and I get ready for work!!!!!!

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