Friday, 6 April 2012

Kathy here at last!!!

Smudge responded very quickly in welcoming Kathy

I visited Katthy approx 8yrs ago at her home in Cape Cod and eventually she was able to come and spend some time here on her holiday break from her school exchange in Aberdeen. We didnt have much time but we certainly made good use of it. After our meal that J had sorted for us arriving we got started on a Precept 40minute series Bible study on Living Victoriously in Difficult Times. Our first day we went to Holywood where Kathy joined me for an art class with Julie Douglas

We had a great morning as I drew and painted the lillies shown and Kathy had her first ever lesson and drew and painted bananas.

 As always it was a fun class and as well as having a portfolio student Deirdre was there from the Thursday girls.

Julie giving Tina some direction
Kathy's bananas

The morning flew by as it usually does but somehow I don't think that is the end of Kathy's art sessions.My wonderful SIL Leanne and niece Lucy joined us for lunch and Kathy and Lucy are now best mates.

Time for Kathy to see some of Newtownards so Scrabo Tower was a must since she could see it no matter where I took her in Ards. Also a chance for Smudge to get out with us. We didnt get to walk through all of Killynether but enough for her to see the view and grasp what it is like. She also got to see where the blackberries came from for the coulis I made for the melon!!!

 Smudge as always needs a nap after a long walk.

We had a short rest ourselves before it was time for the UWULAL girls to come and join us for a meal which kathy says is one of the highlights of her stay.I was so delighted everyone was able to come from N.Ireland and maybe some day we will have some others visit from the group. Was great to have Debbie and her husband a few years back. There were less members in the group then but she got to meet them none the less.

Now they all have faces to put to names and maybe get to see Kathy again in June when she returns for another short break. Thursday we went into Belfast for the open top bus ride. I think I learned as much about our history as she did.

We got back to Ards in time for me to pick up my new car. I just love it and although small it holds as much as I need. It's so much more efficient with fuel than the courtesy car was.

Off to Mountstewart to show kathy one of our regular stops. We did the house tour and walked Smudge in the foraml gardens and by the lake. The weather although cold at times really worked for us with the rain staying away.

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