Monday, 16 April 2012


Victoria centre, Belfast
Due to the sinking of the Titanic some 100yrs ago there has been a lot going on in our city to remember the event. Remembering how Belfast built such an incredible ship with such luxury but also remembering those who lost their lives.

 The deaths were tragic for all involved but it is also tragic looking back seeing how people were treated depending in which class they fitted. It reminds us how God doesn't care what class man would state we fitted as he treats each one of us the same and also how we can always depend on him no matter what as he is unsinkable not like material things many put their trust in today.
 At the begining of the celebrations if you can call it that, Kathy who was visiting from Cape Cod via Aberdeen joined me at the Lyric theatre to see the play "The White Star Line". It was excellent as it gave a good picture as to what was happening in Ireland particularly the north at the time of and including the Titanic's first and last voyage. Then J and I went to the Grand Opera House as part of our anniversary treat to see the Titanic musical.

The new exhibition centre is open but we decided we would let the tourists flock there first and we would go midweek sometime when it isn't so busy. The waterfront hall had an excellent remembrance show and the light show was also seen by many and enjoyed. J and I have both been on the Titanic walking tour last year and were amazed to see how much remains the same at Harland and Wolf since it was built. The nomadic was sitting in ruin but I noted when on the open top bus tour wqith Kathy it is now restored.

I made a small scene many years ago to display my thoughts on the titanic and what remained in my mind from the film that had came out at that time-the amount of people floundering in the water with no hope of being saved as rescue came much too late for them.

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