Sunday, 6 May 2012

What a beautiful day in May

It was the perfect day for walking and the spring time colours at mountstewart were easily the best I have ever seen and I am a regular there as is Smudge. yesterday she was so lethargic. We went walking at the floodgates with Julie and Minnie and I had her on the lead most of the time to make her move. Today she had to be on the lead but was so energetic!!The picture above looks like something out of a prehistoric time before man's development started to ruin the environment.

The bluebell's were in a mass greater than I remember here. There were always quite a few patches going up to Temple of the Winds but I have never seen so many around the lake before.

Smudge was such a poser, delighted to have her photo taken amidst it all.


I was so surprised at her energy today but wasn't long before she was ready for a nap again. She was quite content not to bother the ducks for a change.

The sunshine continued so rather and sit and sew I decided to sow some seeds and replant some shoots. I also stripped the beds and got the washing out.Smudge lay at the door for a while sunbathing and then she disappeared and this is how I found her....

Obviously not as energetic as I thought today!!!

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  1. we are blessed to have such a garden so close to home