Sunday, 10 June 2012

"Born for such a time as this"

Julie's cushion
It has been an incredible weekend in more ways than one. A time to get away with friends and to focus on God and a time to share with friends the many miracles and answers to prayer in the last year. Focus fest 2012 was the best ever for me regarding the worship and speakers.

It was mentionned on a few occasions how good it was to have so many local people taking part after all God choses the weak and ordinary not the strong and famous to do his work and change the lives of many. It is wonderful to celebrate and everyone loves to have fun but essential that when it concerns our relationship with God it is also serious and based on Biblical principles and this weekend certainly fulfilled this.God has us here and now just as part of his plan just as he did Esther. If you want to know more about Esther there is a precept study over the summer you may want to join at Scrabo
 or other venues

 Focus fest was chaired by a very good friend's daughter and our Precept director which made it extra special so much so we chatted  after the event and I didn't get to bed to 0100hrs!!!!

It was also great to meet up with old friends I havent seen in a while and catch up.
I made a few book purchases,one from a lady who took one of the seminars and although I have just started reading it I already feel I can recommend it.  

 The other was written by one of our church members so looking forward to getting to it as well.

This week I also had some time for crafting and teaching. you can see julie's completed cushion above. This is the first item she has made and all by hand. I designed a new patchwork bag. Next week I hope to try out at least one more new design with Cath Kidston fabric so keep an eye on the blog. The sewing room looks like a bomb has hit it but will have to get it into some form of organisation to turn back into a bedroom for Kathy who is coming to stay on Friday.

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