Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

This weekend has been a mixture of weather and many celebrations for the Jubilee and the passing by of the Olympic torch. i have just spoken to my brother who is going to visit mum as the torch is going right by her house. Last weekend Liz and i did a car boot sale at Mountstewart more for fun than anything else and at one point J and Smudge joined us.

 I sold some Cath kidston items I made and Liz's best sell was her cupcakes.I recommend these if you have a lot of things you want rid of as they have one every month check out their site for details.

 We hope to repeat this at Cloughy Presby on the 7th July so I have a bit more sewing to do. Here is a start.



Today we had planned to go to CastleWard house but turned back as rain was quite heavy so we went back to our usual spot at Mountstewart.

We had a walk in the woodlands and to the lake. It was lovely to see that all 8 cygnets survived and have got so big in last few weeks.

We attempted to leave Smudge at a sheltered area near the restaurant but she cried so we had to take our lunch outside despite the rain-chargrilled chicken salad with pepper sauce was yummy even with raindrops!!

Our Queeen
Home in time to see the Queen return to Buckingham Palace.
Our Future Queen
She looked everything a Queen should be.



 I just loved her outfit.

She certainly was the best dressed of the day. I am not excited by the rich and famous but would have loved to meet the Queen, however not at the palace where I met her husband but to have her in my own home for a chat. I wonder would she mind leaving her corgi's for a few hours and being smothered with kisses from Smudge. If that didnt suit we would settle for a walk in the grounds of balmoral with all the dogs!!!!

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