Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kathy is back!!!

My friend Kathy was back for another visit and the last one this time before she goes back to her home in Cape Cod in USA. However i got good news that some of my cousins are coming over some time in the next 12months from Connecticut in USA so very excited about that. kathy did a bit more sightseeing.

eggs Benedict for Kathy
Carolyn and Barbara joined us for supper on Friday night which was fun.

 We had planned to go to the Giant's Causeway but visitor centre is still not open and the weather helped us change our mind so we decided on St Patrick's grave and cathedral in Downpatrick with an imax film at the  St Patrick's centre.
Kathy at St.Patrick's grave

On the way we called at Carolyn's,Whiterock,Killinchy

 Lunch in newcastle with a walk around the town.
 We stopped for a tour of Castle Ward before getting the ferry from Strangford to Portaferry. There was a dog show at Castle ward which Smudge enjoyed watching but she really doesn't get it why dogs run round a circuit for the sake of it when she gets everything she wants and needs for doing nothing!!

Smudge on ferry crossing

Kathy got to experience the best fish supper in Ards or possibly Ireland!!!!!

It was coffee and craft this week past and this week. Georgina had so many items to show us that she had made.

Her daughter Julie joined us.
Julie's card
Claire was just back from Madrid so well refreshed and Zara kept Smudge on the move.

Our new Precept study started on Genesis part 3 on Abraham with 6 of us meeting to study this morning. What did we learn already?....we have such a patient God who will guide us and protect us no matter how much we make a mess of our lives. How encouraging to know as weak and useless we may feel at times there is a greater power to give us strength to continue on.

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