Monday, 2 July 2012

The last three days

Things haven't slowed down since the marathon. I was working for most of the weekend covering quite a lot of miles but still managed to squeeze in a few social events. Carolyn, Anna and I had a lovely meal with Julie and Rory. We left home less than 30 mins after my 9 hour shift so J was left to fend for himself most of the weekend.

We went to see the Land of the Giants event on the slipways of the Titanic and Olympia. It was advertised as the greatest and largest outisde event in N.Ireland ever. It was rather disappointing and it didn't help when the rain came down right on cue at the beginning of the show. It was very symbolic but to as it was symbolising for the most part I have no idea!!! I was pleased I hadn't paid for it.



 I got to sleep after 0130hrs and up early again for work. Family visited for dinner which thankfully J had organised as I had only a few hours break before I was out at work again.

Today my morning was wasted by a work lecture but I did manage to make a handbag after lunch which I may sell on Saturday.

 I had hoped to get some wall hangings made but running out of time.I also got a sleeve finished on the cardigan I am knitting.

 I could have spent the whole evening in working but just had to get out. Julie, Rory, Smudge, Minnie and I had a great walk along the beach. It was so calm and the rain stayed away. Lots of seaweed brought in by the tide much to Smudge's delight. Minnie and Smudge teased a little hedgehog at the end of their walk. Straight home for a shower and blow dry for her and then time to get back to craft for me.

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