Saturday, 14 July 2012

Portrait Class taken in memory of a wonderful young woman

(charcoal) well she wasn't even that pretty in the photo either!!
I started taking art classes 11months ago and discovered I can draw a bit. If you have followed my blog you can see many attempts of my work. The Thursday class is wonderful instructed by Julie. I had been thinking about the portrait classes she takes and today was the day. There was just another lady and myself.

1st attempt at drawing an eye
1st attempt at a nose!!

 It was great fun with a lovely lunch thrown in. I was amazed at what I learnt and the only problem was that time went far too quickly. We did one charcoal piece and the rest were in pencil

A young child's mouth and nose-I just loved drawing the teeth but don't think noses are my thing.

the beginning of scarved lady
scarved lady finished

To end off the day Jonathan and I had a lovely meal in Addison's. Surroundings are a bit different but the  food is the best in Ards and we will be back again soon.
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  1. Jayne, lovely to see your drawings on here - you got SO MUCH done in one day! You're too young to say that noses aren't your thing... You just meant that you're looking forward to trying MORE noses, didn't you!!
    Julie x