Friday, 20 July 2012

Weekly walk

Smudge and I are managing to have at least one weekly walk with friends that lasts about 2 1/2hrs on top of our usual strolls. The weather hasn't been too bad but on this particular one it was really quite sunny and I didn't mind the paddle on the beach at all.

Minnie and Smudge

Smudge loves the beach and the sea but will never venture any further once her belly touches the water. I was determined to get her to go through the stream but she was so nervous I had to go in and encourage her through.

a little dirty!!!

She loves rolling in messy things but I think green slimy seaweed is her favourite. she even expects a shower afterward now!!!

thursday's art

second stage

finally as time ran out
Almost finished a cute little baby cardigan in ecru coloured cotton. See pattern below.

Finished another Cath Kidston bag which has found it's new home immediately.

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