Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Beach life and a night out on the Town

Mini Olympics was only the beginning today.

When the parents had mentionned swimmers I had thought swimming pool, I never believed we would have the weather for the beach but what a day.


 Millisle beach was ideal with so few people around.

Smudge sunbathing after her paddle

scary sea creature!!

It really was a fun day for them all without too much energy from me as I got to read my book when the girls played in the sand .

Even Smudge ventured into the water a little deeper than she has done before.

 The goujons were declared the best ever!!!!!!
A meal out at Addison's followed by a trip to the Cinema to see The Wimpy Kid-Dog's Day

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  1. Hi Jayne. My fears about water safety for the kids have been alayed - I see Jonathan was acting coast guard for the day - glad to see he was taking the role seriously!! What a beautiful day. What fun for everyone!! Thanks