Friday, 3 August 2012

Before it rains..

Millisle Beach

I had a little time off work between shifts and as it was sunny and Smudge loves the beach so much we decided to take a walk on the beach.

It was an interesting evening as some horses had came to the beach for a run and a paddle too.

 Smudge was quite amused by this but keen to keep her distance, thankfully.
 We must have spent 2 hours walking and I had a paddle but Smudge as usual wouldn't go in too deep until the sun went down.
hop, skip and jump

Today I knew the rain was coming so Smudge and I got to Mountstewart and fitted in the lake walk just before the rain.

It was an amazing walk as few people had arrived and we got to see the swans and cygnets before they were put off by tourists. The eight cygnets with their parents had just came out of the water in front of us to preen.

Smudge was very well behaved surprisingly.

Just as we were leaving the rain came down and a coach full of tourists arrived.

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