Thursday, 13 September 2012

Christmas in September.......

Well it may not be Christmas yet but it won't be long so I have to get the Christmas cards made especially those for early postage abroad. The art of sending Christmas cards is dying and to be honest I do feel with the cost of postage it is a waste to send the routine pre packed box cards just for the sake of it to folk we meet every day. However a hand made card can be considered a gift and a very nice way to wish a friend a Merry Christmas whom you do not see very often.

Wendy's card

Sian's card

It wasn't a coffee and craft session last night but specifically for Christmas card making something we will continue in the coffee + craft sessions.

I had a lovely morning making Cards with the ladies from Scrabo toddler's group. It is so satisfying when someone says "I can't", "I am not crafty", "I am not arty" only to produce a lovely card in less than 30 mins. Their squeezy cards were amazing.

A trip to the library to stock up on some audio books for all those hours I spend in my car. The library hours have been cut recently and it would be sad if this continues. Books are so expensive now and I feel many people are unaware what is available for free. When you become a member ,which is free, you can take out and return any book to any library. It is also possible to reserve books online which are brought to your local library for you for just 50p.

A little sale gift for me

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