Saturday, 22 September 2012

Week's Review

Smudge summing up the week

Despite a sprained ankle slowing me up there was still plenty to do. Christmas is getting closer, birthdays and household chores. Still lots of time to play though.
a little time out from scrapbooking
Wendy's cards

My ankle still isnt ready for a decent walk which is very frustrating as I am sure that last batch of blackberries have ripened!!!!
It was lovely to be back with the Thursday girls and Deirdre gave us a really warm welcome which was probably a shock to the new ladies!!!
I just love drawing clutter
 Minnie and Smudge have some fun together this time not over lunch!!!!

 We also thoroughly enjoyed our time in Newcastle with the Cumming's and as we were leaving we were amazed at the meteor/ space  junk which shot across the sky breaking up directly above our heads. It seemed so close and we were so taken back we didn't get a chance to capture it.

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