Monday, 29 October 2012

Broadening your horizons

finished silk painting
 I have had a very interesting week in more ways than one. I feel on some occasions I have gained from my patients as much as they have from me. Sometimes in my job it could be very easy to focus on the problem at hand but given a little time with a patient and a listening ear we can learn so much.

Edges sprayed before centre handpainted
We have been studying Genesis and in particular Joseph. Life was not easy for him but despite everything he was firm in his faith believing God would get him through. As the book of Genesis closes we see the blessings that God bestowed upon him. One of my patient's this week expressed clearly how he had no belief and yet he felt more blessed now since he was diagnosed with cancer than he ever did. He felt God was bringing him closer to his family and as he spoke there was evidence God was bringing him closer to him. He gave many examples that he stated could not just be co incidence and he was willing to explore who God was further. I went away thinking how little I appreciate my faith and knowledge of God and the promises he has gave me. Two passages that come to mind are Jeremiah ch 29  starting at v11(my favourite verse) and John ch 3v16.

 I am thankful for all God has given me including the many opportunities I have had to travel and participate in activities. I joined a small group on Saturday at Ards tourist centre and was taught silk painting. Yes I am already involved in so many crafts but there is no problem broadening our horizons. I just loved the workshop and look forward to repeating the experience, but...I will not be purchasing silk painting supplies as I think I have enough to be getting on with!!!!

toilet bag
shopping bag

inner zipped pouch

I have continued with my knitting this week and hopefully the next time I post I will have a picture of my finished waistcoat. I have also some wool to try some socks and a child's dress.

Today however I spent the afternoon sewing and made some Cath Kidston items.

I am for Dublin on Friday with a friend to visit the knitting and stitching show so many more things to inspire me

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