Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coffee,craft and Killynether

gift from a friend
Four of us last night all working on something different. Liz was knitting with bobble wool as you will see in the photo.
 I continued with my chunky knitting now after finishing the left side have started the right side. Sian was making some miniature flowers and I had made a kit for a Xmas cushion for Wendy.

She said she hadn't sewn before but before the night was out she was aware of applique techniques, use of bonda web and blanket stitch.

Another wonderful Autumnal day and plenty of time free to explore with my best friend Smudge. Killynether wood is one of Smudge's favourite places as she gets her freedom off the lead.

 Smudge doesn't usually get here twice in the one week though. Howevere since my old tv will nolonger work and I havent figured out how to use J's I can't use my wii fit for my yoga so more walking needed.

It's quite amazing that the blackberries are still ripening and some just at the flowering stage!!!!

There was such a variety of leaves fallen and the grey squirrels scurrying about out of Smudge's way. There were lots of fungi but couldn't see any really interesting varieties.

Art class this morning was following the same theme as last week and our walks in the woods. I really enjoyed the morning with the Thursday girls and looking forward to a meal out tonight at Bella's again catching up with my friend Shirley who has started art classes too but attends an evening class.

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