Thursday, 4 October 2012

Finishing projects

Smudge ran off with my ball of wool!!
This is something I have not always found easy. I have many projects underway between knitting, crochet,miniatures and papercraft. However i did get a few things finished this week. I continued with some crochet on my ripple blanket as I finished getting up to date with watching Downton Abbey.

Was interesting to see an actress and actor from Downton abbey also starring in Anna Karenina. I really enjoyed the cinema version, really helped explain some aspects of the book I had brushed over. It was so cleverly portrayed in a makebelieve way, i just loved it. The costumes were fabulous which is what usually draws me to period dramas. Thought it maybe interesting to draw some of them.

With coffee and craft I finished all the Christmas cards I need for this year as well as some knitting for christmas gifts.
Betsy's card
Wendy's card

We have had some lovely days this week and although I had planned to do a lot of cooking I just had to get out and about with Smudge. It was surprising to see so many blackberries still ripening at this late stage of the season and there will be many more as plenty of green and red at Killynether wood.

This week I also got some Christmas shopping done. I have a picture of last week's art class but unfortunately this week i was very disappointed not getting to my class. It was  at the Ulster Museum. I arrived 30mins in advance but an hour later I still hadn't parked so had to return home. I have seen parts of the city I never knew existed. J and I took Smudge to mountstewart to cheer me up a bit.

We also paid mum a visit this week as well as Jeff and family.
Smudge investigates mum's virginia creeper

Mum's new water feature

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