Saturday, 20 October 2012


Gift from a friend
This week has been quite a mix of all the tidying up from one season to preparing for another. The coffee and craft group finished making Christmas cards using some different folds from A3 card and recycling cards from 2011.

Wendy's recycling creation

Our 45ft fir trees have been blocking a lot of light out for some time so J decided it was about time he did something about it with a little help from me. It was hard work with little space to move in but fortunately all four came down without damaging any nearby property.

He had spent some time a few weeks ago stripping some minor branches.

It has been relatively mild which has helped. That is in between days of very heavy showers!!! Smudge even managed to catch a few sun rays.

Summer merged to Autumn just as Autumn is merging into Winter with no defined change.


 A nice meal out at Bella's Bistro in Kircubbin with some friends after all his hard work went down very well.

I have started another knitting project but need to work fast on it as hope to wear it before the Winter is out. I am knitting the waistcoat in the pink colour.

This season has gave interesting subjects for drawing and painting and Julie certainly gave us a challenge this week from what she found in her garden. It reminded me of Beatrix Potter and her interest in fungi. I just loved the project even though I didn't get it finished

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