Monday, 15 October 2012

teambuilding + farewell

gift from a friend
This summer we had our first work related get together it was fun and although we are a team we work very independently. It is important for us to spend time together because in a time of crisis in a work situation we may have to call upon one another for support.

I decided on afternoon tea as October isn't usually conducive to eating outside. We nibbled for a few hours with a task in the middle. The aim was to make a Cristmas card.sample shown.

However at various points each person had to stop and pass her work to the person on their right. This resulted in everyone having a card with input from each member of the team. Everyone seemed to enjoy both the food and the task. It was so lovely to catch up with Rosemary even though she is on maternity leave. Baby Skye was so well behaved.

It was also a bit of a farewell to one of the team but hopefully just for a few years and maybe she will join in with some coffee+craft.

What a sense of achievement on their faces when they made their individual squeezy cards. The team card was much more fun though, lots of laughs, with each person apologising for their effort!!!
one of the team cards

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