Thursday, 11 October 2012

What to do indoors.....

Who has been sleeping in my bed!!!!
Well I think we may skip Autumn and go straight to Winter. It seems too soon to go into my boots but couldn't bare blue feet any longer!!!Smudge isn't too keen on the wind and rain and on a few occasions this week when I have looked for her she had sneaked upstairs and into our bed.


 It certainly is the weather for indoor things. Coffee and craft this week involved Wendy and I recycling old Christmas cards whilst Sian made some miniature plants for the Dollshouse Miniature Fair at the weekend. 

I did lots of baking and cooking. I tried and just loved the recipes. I ate vegetarian most of the week. I did lots more crochet on my ripple blanket and did major housecleaning and clearing out. I really should have spent the earlier part of the week in the garden clearing out all the dead flowers but just couldn't get in the mood.

Art today certainly pulled up for missing last week with an extra long session drawing in pencil and red colour pencil and of course some fabric in the picture which is my favourite. Julie says she was busy studying for her MA the beginning of the week but I think she was secretly polishing silver!!!!

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