Thursday, 22 November 2012

Art at the Museum

I was so excited about having our art class in the museum I was taking no risk of not finding a car parking space. J left me at Carnalea station and I got the train in.  It was such a comfortable cosy way of transport and I found it so stress free. It was only a 10min walk then to the museum. Julie had already had a look around before she led us to our subject. Going by this photo of her it appears she had already built up a relationship with one of our models.

I opted for the skeletal version and found it difficult to tear myself away from it even for the cuppa and I didn't stop for lunch til 1430hrs. I can't wait to go back again for more drawing. I would love to do costumes but when I asked if they had any displays other than military uniforms they have two outfits 2010 and 2011!!! Not exactly what I had in mind, I guess Julie will have to take us to the V+A in London after all.

It was fairly quiet in the museum but a few adults stopped to question what we were doing. After Julie left one man stopped and stated that he supposed all we were really doing was just copying he seemed to think the skill in drawing was only seen if you could do it from memory!!!!!!!!! (just as well she had gone..)
The drawing became more interesting the longer I sat with it. I doubt I have ever spent more than  2mins looking at a dinosaur before .

Coffee and craft last night brought along another lady which meant more crafty ideas to share. Her crochet animals were cute but her info on Tilda dolls was very interesting. I really must check out the craft area at the library. I have started knitting a baby jumper with some wool I picked up at the King's Hall.
made from my pattern and some scraps
Miss k and I had some fun fingerpainting and made some Christmas gift tags. There is so much more fun when you can get messy.
Smudge and I had our weekly walk with Julie and Minnie and she was exhausted even though it was more gentle than our usual walk as we both had time constraints this week. Thats what happens when I am on holiday!!!!


  1. fantastic dinosaur drawing. Never mind that man's comment, TSK!!

  2. I know hilary and i were not amused as we tried to picture your face if you had been there