Monday, 12 November 2012

Cleaning,cooking and crafting

J gave the fish a miss he only likes it battered and not on the plate with it's head and tail

Two weeks holidays ahead with nothing to do but relax at home and finish some projects. Back to crochetting my ripple blanket today and hope to finish it this week. Recently I have woken in the morning with lots of craft ideas, I think my brain goes into overdrive when I am asleep.

1st stage

This morning I awoke thinking abour crackle glazing. I haven't played with paint techniques in a while and at that it was usually in 1/12th scale but today I went larger.

2nd stage

 Because of all the layers I find it much easier to work many items at the one time and I did manage to do some baking as I waited for layers to dry as well.

I have found my cricut very usefull for negative as well as positive templates. I have used both for these plaques. Since I started art classes last year I haven't went near acrylic paints but felt they were the best for these projects.

I sprayed them with 101 acrylic glaze at the end for some protection.

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