Sunday, 18 November 2012

First week's holiday ended on a very sad note-remembering Jacky Ingram

This week has been both busy and relaxing. I went to Portadown yesterday to spend the day with mum bringing Smudge with me. We decided last minute to stay the night. It was there I got the sad news of Jacky's passing. I had no emotion as I was sure it could not be true but this morning when I got back home and discovered it was really true I was in shock, still am. We were inseparable in our teenage years. We weren't alike but had similar interests. Jacky was full of life, brilliant at anything she put her hand to whether it was her education, singing, drama, whatever. she was a friend to all always bubbling over.  We were seen frequently in the same clothes-long purple quilted coats come to mind, in fact if kept probably would have been back in fashion!!!

We met up again at Millington primary School 40yr celebration and she was planning on a reunion meal with old friends but it wasn't to be. We had quite a chat about our past and the time between when we had been inseparable. She was very close to her family and loved her son more than herself but then that was Jacqueline always thinking of others.We loved being out and about on our rollerboots and when we couldnt be outdoors we were scheming indoors. We produced a magazine for our community "The rectory Gazette" and were encouraged by her sister Karen. I think we had about 6 customers!!!LOL. We took turns typing on my old Imperial typewriter. She came on holiday with us and we went to the Girl's Brigade together. Jacky became a christian in those days but her life started to take a different path to mine. I left home to start nursing and she continued with her education. She became involved in Reiki and holistic healing which unfortunately did not give her any benefit in the end. My hope is that her early faith was sincere and that some day we will laugh again together. Prayers go out to her mum,son and wonderful sisters Karen and Susan.

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