Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Today is a day to remember those who have died through the war. As a child to me this was an event that seemed far removed from my life reflecting on World War 1 and 2. However in my life time the war has continued throughout the world including our own nation and many remember today those who have died in recent weeks, months and years. Today I also remember one who died for all of us and yet one who many refuse to remember, understand or believe in.

Romans ch 5v8
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 

The next two weeks for me will be filled as usual but work free. Last night I had a lovely evening with a group of friends, many of whom had not met one another before. We had a meal at Harlem which was lovely despite the disorganised service.Calendar girls at the opera house had us roaring with laughter. Looking forward to the next girls' night out.


I finished my socks this week and then used some of the wool for some kids fingerless mittens which I adapted from a beautiful pattern. I think I will do a few more rows and the crochet ripple blanket will be finished too. A lady from my art class lent me a lovely book on interlocking crochet which I would be keen on trying next although I have little experience in crochet. The items she has made are gorgeous.


I also finished my seashell scene from my art class.

J made the shelf for the red room which only has a framed photo of my great grandmother on it so far but I have a few other ideas.

It has been a lovely Autumn and today it was lovely walking in the woods, so mild. Sometimes it takes a little push to get out there but when we take the plunge it is so worthwhile. It was amazing the amount of leaves.

geese flying across Ards

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