Saturday, 1 December 2012

Almost December

It has been a very busy week especially for J with working so many extra hours. Our refridgerator has been used more for conveying messages than actually storing meals. We did in enjoy a night at the cinema with the whole movie theatre to ourselves last night and now I am looking forward to my work's Xmas lunch and farewell to a colleague who has already left.

 We didn't get the same chance for walking this week but took Smudge out to see Santa last night. Santas arrival was excellent in a vintage car and the Samba band accompanying the kids with their lanterns. However the rest of the entertainment was diabolical but then always is in Ards compared to Bangor. You could barely hear anyone on stage and what you could hear wasn't worth hearing so we left before the Christmas tree lights were even switched on

Liz's bag

Sarah's wall hanging

I didn't get as much craft done as I usually do but managed to get a little knitting done and a few gifts.


Coffee and craft continued with many items being finished. Back to art class and still quite enthusiastic from my day at the museum.

 I do always find it strange working in colour after drawing. I always find colour quite scarey.

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