Thursday, 20 December 2012

Holidays over and back to normal for me

The holidays are over for me whilst everyone else are just beginning theirs. Lots more craft sessions. Most of us finishing off items, such satisfaction in that.

Liz got her scottie dog completed and ready to start an owl cushion. I got my kiddies hoody finished and have gone back to knitting an item I had started for myself some time ago. Art classes continue getting my holly finished and then my Christmas bells.

      I find it so difficult to paint something that is shiny soooo tempted to add glitter!!!!!


one week gone
 It was so good to start drawing again. I decided on the old boot.
2 weeks work and more to go

 J had lots of things to finish off in the house that he hadn't a chance to do during his busy summer. Smudge kept an eye on everything and everyone of course. Smudge managed to get a little more involved with the paint than she should have so a
pampering session was required asap.

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