Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All over the world

Since I made my blog less private it's amazing the people that read my blog. They can't copy anything or alter it but Iwould be really interested how they come about it and what they think when they do. I mean it isn't a commercial blog or even professional, just normal everyday chit chat. People from China,Latvia,Ukraine, Switzerland,Austria,India,Israel,Russia etc,etc. If you come across it through a search please send me a comment as very interested in travel and other cultures. Its less than 2 weeks now before my trip to North India when I will be exchanging my snow boots for salwar kameez.

It is an amazing world we live in and there are always surprises to come. It is snowing outside and yet I still have chilli peppers ripening on my window sil!!!!

Since I have been ill I have gradually built myself back up to the point I am hungry all the time so will have to review my nibbling and get back into more regular exercise to burn off the calories.

We have been focusing on scrapbooking, during coffee and craft sessions, and I have also got a lot further with my family history research. I can't recommend ancestry enough and Ulster family are very reasonable for checking up details of birth, death and marriage certificates rather than having to pay the full price to get a certificate they will get the info for you for less than half the price. I have also done some holiday scrapbooking hence a bit less done in knitting and crochet so lots of projects waiting in the background. I did make some cards though for family birthdays.

 The snow and ice put a stop to getting out and about unless it was absolutely necessary which to me was only if it was for work.
Our Home

Jonathan and Smudge

a little time to get cosy 

 Bible studies are continuing as normal as we travel through James and Genesis inductively, God revealing directions for our lives and giving explanation of how we came about.

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