Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Best of both worlds at Christmas Time

she likes to get dirty but likes to get clean too

I may not be on holiday but due to the hours I work I am very blessed to have lots of free time especially at this time of year. Christmas the time to rejoice of Christ's birth and yet so many people are taking the Christ out of Christmas!!! I received a card from the USA which was from a very good friend and she just knew I would love the card as it had a lovely folk angel on it. She as well as I hadn't noticed at first that there was no mention of Christmas on it. It clearly stated on the front happy holidays with no mention of the reason for the season.

always keen to know what's in the oven

If I didn't believe in something I simply would ignore it but why do people want to celebrate the holiday that was set as a celebration of Christ without realising the significance? So many people have been ill this year my work has been extremely busy and Sanata sent me a little cold Xmas morn...or that's what i thought. We had a lovely Xmas meal with my in laws and unfortunately for the rest of the Mcclenaghan clan they didn't eat to late due to an electric problem affecting their whole neighbourhood.
made on request of a friend for a gift

Boxing Day we had a nice time with friends and got out for a walk.
J put Smudge in the boot with Minnie without thinking

Between Boxing day and now I have been very ill with an exacerbation of asthma requiring a course of steroids. I just managed a lovely roast dinner made by my wonderful DH which is the 1st since Boxing day as I have been living on toast.

On Saturday J took Smudge up the Mournes with the Cummings and she had a ball running and sliding in the peat bringing quite a bit of it home with her so fortunately no one really lost out to my illness. New year's day for the Browne's here had to be cancelled as they were all ill as well. Julie called in to cheer me with some flowers.

Still some crafts being done during the week between naps.

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