Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cluedo-girls night in

Just after a meal and ready to get their brains into gear.
What a night!!! it was a long night, plenty of eating and nibbling and despite everybody having different ideas on detective work at the end of the evening we had all really came to our suspicions around the same time. Surprisingly Donna and i solved the crime just before the others. Looking forward to the next one ladies when I will have family over from the USA. Ummm Sharon and Julie seemed to have managed to avoid the camera must sort that next time!!!

mother and daughter combine forces

Poor Smudge didn't know what was going on with so many ladies around who were concentrating on something other than her. She voiced her opinion clearly regarding the Inspector when he came on the scene. She did get the odd treat but by the end of the night she couldn't keep her eyes open.

J was back in time to help clear up not that there was much of that to do as I opted for disposables and a big thankyou to the ladies who helped with the meal, drinks and nibbles.
Who,what,where and when?

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