Friday, 11 January 2013

It takes you to lose your health for a while to really appreciate it

I am almost there, not quite but enough to know how ill I was and thankful to be bouncing back. The worst part about being ill is not that I couldn't go to work but that I couldn't concentrate on my crafts or having friends round. Continuing Bible study on wednesday was a start but will be nice to catch up with the girls this evening at our Cluedo supper.

Getting back to my art class yesterday was such a boost and I wasn't quite as rusty as I thought I had been especially when coulour poses difficulties for me and especially in colour pencil. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning drawing garlic and mushrooms.

Since I have been up and about I managed to do some knitting and made a tunic top for Lucy a few sizes bigger than my first attempt so hopefully it fits. I applied some buttons for decor possibly from around the 1950's from my button box.

Honey comes to visit Smudge
 I was also determined to get started on some crochet. i did try a pattern with some cheap wool but because it really wasn't the right size i decided the sample would be adequate until I have the right wool another time but at least i got to practice the V stitch. I have started the interlocking crochet but can't get beyond the filet mesh as i get confused in front and back. I realised  had completed the first row correctly just after i had unravelled it. However it's knowing where to go on the second row so back to u-tube.

 I also knit myself some fingerless mits from sirdar snuggly on four needles. I do love four needles but probably because I hate sewing up.

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