Thursday, 28 February 2013


Amber Palace
Such a beautiful place and great to get to see the elephants.
  Snakes do not appeal to me but these poor little things were so starved they flopped over when the lids came off their home. They had no interest in music just popping up confused.

The coach was unable to get to the Amber city so we took jeep rides up and down.


local well
Roy Palace Hotel for lunch

City Palace
Wind palace

Painting from dyes of natural stones

The Jantar Mantar observatory was interesting and unbelievably accurate to time.


Ummm it's not just Smudge who has a coat

The gem factory didn't really appeal to me but the building it was in was beautiful especially the ceiling at the entrance.

quickest way back to the hotel

balcony next to mine

busy day

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Getting to see the locals whilst travelling in India

typical street corner
On the way to Jaipur we stopped to buy some guava's off some local ladies.


 There were some very interesting sites along the way.

local homes

local industry

one of the Hindu God's
 Seeing such a large idol reminded me of the children of Israel and the idols they made to worship when they had wandered from God.
 I liked to take part in any of the crafts I saw.




Jaipur was beautiful and again another very luxurious hotel at the Trident.

my purchase-painting on silk

We also went shopping for silks and tea.


I enjoyed the demonstration of block printing.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

On safari in India

Up before dawn and oh was it cold, hat, scarf and gloves and some even used blankets for their knees such an extreme to the middle of the day.

The trees were amazing I expected Tarzan to come zooming across any moment.

There were so many types of deer and of course a deer was the first animal I spotted. I don't know why I got so excited as I have seen many deer at home and when at work in the evening even had one right up close to my car on Mountain Rd, as if it were looking in my wing mirror.

We also saw different types of crocodile but many were not clear on film as so disguised in their environment.

  I think it was the monkeys that I enjoyed most, they were everywhere and quite cheeky. It was possible to stay out of their reach though. Even though they are quite I was only too aware of the diseases they can carry and didn't really fancy Rabies.

mothers and toddlers!!!
We went on three safaris in total, two before sunrise and one in the afternoon.

tiger print

 We were on the hunt for tigers and the first safari all we saw was a tiger print. We also were informed by the ranger the difference between mating calls of animals and alarm calls that a tiger or leopard was in the vicinity. When we heard a warning call our drive took off at speed in that direction. It was rather a bumpy ride very close to cliff edges at times. I didn't dare ask if they had ever gone over as you could see the sides of the trails crumble at times. We had signed a disclaimer before each trip!!!

The hotel was a little more basic at Ranthambohr but more comfortable than I would have expected and the food was excellent.

The second day we saw our tiger, names T24, the largest in the area. he had killed a ranger the year before and was feasting on a deer he had stole from a leopard. He was very unconcerned about us being there, just paused and looked our direction occasionally.

We drove past him again before we left the reserve and he was resting after his meal, again not a bit concerned about us.