Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Arrival in India

Presidents residence
The first thing I noted was the very comfortable temperature. There was smog but not nearly as bad as China. Traffic also similar but not quite as hectic as China. However cows wandering in traffic was a new thing to me. There were also a lot of mongrel dogs, in fact they were all so similar they looked like a breed of their own. Motorbikes seem to be used for the whole family with the father wearing a helmet driving whilst a mother sitting side saddle, baby and child hanging on with no helmets. I saw this very frequently.
Old entrance to Delhi

When we entered the hotel we had marigold garlands placed over our heads and this was the norm at a number of hotels. I was the only one in the group from Ireland, others being from England and Wales.

Our first views were along Shanti Path with all the beautiful embassies. Also wandering around the streets were pigs and goats and I saw a feret along the roadside. We stayed at the Maiden's Hotel which was very nice for one night.

Humuyan tomb was our first excursion out with plenty of photo  opportunities. It was one of five in the complex, built about 60 yrs prior to the Taj mahal. In some places you have to pay for a ticket to photograph but generally this is only for videoing.

Humuyan's tomb

A quick stop to visit Mahatma Gandi's cremation site. Poverty could not be missed especially in Old delhi where I used snacks to feed some children.

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