Thursday, 28 February 2013


Amber Palace
Such a beautiful place and great to get to see the elephants.
  Snakes do not appeal to me but these poor little things were so starved they flopped over when the lids came off their home. They had no interest in music just popping up confused.

The coach was unable to get to the Amber city so we took jeep rides up and down.


local well
Roy Palace Hotel for lunch

City Palace
Wind palace

Painting from dyes of natural stones

The Jantar Mantar observatory was interesting and unbelievably accurate to time.


Ummm it's not just Smudge who has a coat

The gem factory didn't really appeal to me but the building it was in was beautiful especially the ceiling at the entrance.

quickest way back to the hotel

balcony next to mine

busy day

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