Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Taj Mahal

entranceway to Taj Mahal

I have seen many wondrous sites such as the great wall in China and the Grand Canyon in California and the Taj mahal was certainly on a par with the wow factor I felt when I saw each of these sites.

I still can barely believe I saw it. It was so unreal. The arched entrance way that led up to the Taj hid its majesty but when you came out the other side the site was overwhelming!!!

side of Taj Mahal
There were so many people but little noise as everyone else was as amazed as I was.

When you got up closer it gave a very different picture, it didnt appear as white but the intricate marble work was so beautiful. Everything was in symmetry the guide told us well almost!!! The guy who built it positioned the tomb for his beloved in the centre which means when he died he was to one side knocking off the symmetry. He just didnt think of the possibility of his death. Today so many people are still unprepared for their death and how sad that can be to be thrust into eternity without warning. For God so loved the world he gave his only son that whosoever believeth in him shall have eternal life. John 3v16 and what of those who dont there is only one other place to go and I know what I have chosen.
The people in India work many hours to produce very skilled work with very little pay and not always very good working conditions.

Inlaid marble work

The many Hindu's and muslims I passed by on my trip where more than I could count. Many people deceived by idols and false teachings.In many places the animals are treated with more respect and care than the children and elderly.

 The many poor suffering in India with no hope. There is no stipulation in India that kids must go to school and as many families are poor they need every member to work to survive. This young child, probably no more than 8yrs old, was only one of many. I even saw toddlers out collecting firewood.

Agra Fort
part of palace at Agra Fort
this little lad took no time devouring a cereal bar I gave him
At all the tourist sites poverty was even more obvious as it was on the outskirts of the town. There is no form of social security so the young, widows,disabled and elderly suffer most who have no men to support them.
and I thought parking was poor in Ards!!

I saw a number of poilo suffers dragging themselves around to beg for money and food.

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